General rental conditions

The rental

  1. The rental hosts a furnished accomodation (chalet or bungalow) situated at :
    • Chalets Sous-Le-Vent.
      Route de Poirier, Pigeon
      97125 Bouillante
  2. The rental is provided for one or several chalets, the description of which you will find on our website.
  3. The duration of the rental will be the one set at the time of booking.
    1. The property will be available on the first day of the duration of rental from 4pm
    2. It must be left on the last day of the duration of rental at 11am the latest
  4. The booking is done via our booking form. It becomes effective as soon as the tenant has put down a deposit of 30 percent of the total amount of the rental.
    The balance will be dealt with at the time of the tenant's arrival on the rental premises.
  5. The owner does not require any security deposit.
  6. State of affairs : A state of affairs will be established at the tenant's arrival and before its departure.

Visitor's tax

  1. A visitor's tax of 0,80 EUR. will be perceived for the municipality of Bouillante and according to our classification in furnished accomodation.

Retraction/ cancellation

  1. The amount of the deposit will be fully returned in case of a cancellation of the stay made at least 60 days before its beginning.
  2. In case of a cancellation made less than a week before the beginning of the stay, the full amount for the rental period will be due.
    A cancellation policy can be arranged with Europe Assistance.
  3. If the tenant does not pay the balance at his arrival, the owner will dispose of the accomodation again without any refunding of the sums already paid.

Obligations of the tenant

The tenant agrees

  1. not to bring any additional people without prior approval of the owner.
  2. not to bring any animals without prior approval of the owner.
  3. not to sublet the accomodation.
  4. to use the premises quietly, especially after 10pm (respect for other tenants).
  5. not to smoke inside the chalets - bungalows.
  6. to respect the flowers and fruit of the garden.
  7. to switch off the inner and outer lights aswell as the fan or air-conditionner during his absence. Thank you in advance for your contribution to the energy conservation.
  8. not to leave any valuables outside the accomodation and to close it during his absence.

Bed, bathroom and kitchen linen are provided and changed at a stay of at least 7 nights.

Even though the cleanup is included in the rental price, you are asked to throw away your garbage and put the dishes away before your departure.

Make sure to report any breaks or malfunction of provided materials (dishes, electrical household appliances, etc.).

In case of strong wind, make sure to put away your dished and pull up the blinds of your accomodation.

The pool is only accessible to tenants of chalets Sous-Le-Vent. The access is prohibited to outsiders.

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